Sunday, September 2, 2018

F* the Stuck Bolt or Thank god there are still guys who do this

"Anytime you want to pull a bolt, you gotta hit it 3 times with a hammer and let her know this is the bolt you want." This guiding encouragement given to me by Uncle Ken when chatting about the 1966 F250 seems so simple now. For the last 5 years whenever I needed a bolt I tap, tap, tap and out it comes. Water pump, seat frame, back bumper slider all gave it up but the last few months we have been fighting with the alternator and that long 4" bottom bolt into the engine block.

We tried dousing with WD40 and let sit for a day (you know this stuff was invented to protect missiles and the name stands for Water Displacement perfected on the 40th try)

Ritual tap tap tap and ... nothing 

Used our tire iron substitute break stick ... stripped head of bolt

(used stripped head puller socket for remaining efforts)

Bought impact wrench rated at 700 ft/lbs and ... nothing 

Talk with hardcore mechanic about it ... he was amused. 

We got an appointment for next Friday ...

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